Professor Hudhri themselves indicates she had been of Albanian origin and had satisfied in Rome

Professor Hudhri themselves indicates she had been of Albanian origin and had satisfied in Rome

Lately teacher Ferid Hudhri have put forward some ideas about a painting of an Albanian lady now to be found in Glyptoteket, a well-reputed art gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark. Almira Pajenga – from the Danish Embassy in Tirana – provides kindly managed to make it easy for us to discover more about the options that happen to be delivered within the A»KlanA«-magazine as well as in the A»TemaA« and.

First the cross country, subsequently the Arb?»resh family-traditions wouldn’t normally therefore effortlessly match with a lives as a A»free womanA« and a fan of a Danish poet

In several publications about Danish art and Danish literary works the popular artwork is known as the Albanian female; various other guides the Italian woman. Professor Hudhri is inquiring if the woman actually is of Albanian source, or if the description is if not; maybe the lady was an Italian through the Albani mountains south of Rome? Probably, he includes, she seen an essential Albanian families in Rome which typically held friendly gatherings making use of the involvement of musicians.

In ] I produced a quick research regarding the artwork plus the involved individuals (it can be present Danish at:

The painting was made from the Danish artist Albert KN?chler, later on a monk, when his fellow-countryman, the poet Christian Winther compensated a visit to Rome in 1831. Just who actually found the girl initial; KN?chler or Winther – isn’t recognized, probably it absolutely was KN?chler.

During those times many Danish artisans and poets checked out Rome and traveled through Italy, the type of Bertel Thorvaldsen, the sculptor, and H.C. Andersen, the writer of fairy-tales. Frequently these Danes came across one another during the taverns; and every so often they visited the vicinities of Rome. Just about the most vital places was actually the Nemi-area during the Albani hills. The Danish Academy in Rome has a lot of information about the Danes and also Jest oasis dating darmo this room.

I possibly could have actually questioned additional fellows, but you’ll be the best postillion d’amour, since KN?chler just isn’t existing; and I really do not choose cleanse my lovestruck linen in public areas

As professor Hudhri leaves they, your ex might have been through the Arb?»resh communities when you look at the southern of Italy, but I have to go along with him, as he judges it not very likely. There are a few details.

The relationship between your younger beauty plus the poet has been very intense, and perchance the girl stated getting pregnant after poet went back to Denmark – simply to incorporate himself much more rigorous erotic connections. At the very least the guy gave the girl a vigne at his departure – only a little vineyard.

A while later, when Winther have achieved the Northern Italy, the guy penned to a single of his family, the sculptor Bissen:

We realize that Winther – today no less than – was not great in Italian. Possibly the guy penned towards female – through Bissen – in Danish, and the postillion then must look at the letter on her behalf in Italian. Possibly she actually got an illiterate?

As far as we understand these days, Winther rapidly lost contact on the female. Furthermore, we no information about a revived communications between them whenever Winther several years afterwards went to Rome, this time around with his girlfriend and her child of a youthful relationships.

In fact, Winther encountered the painting in the control for many decades, but – according to some root – he’d to offer they in a time period of A»low waterA«. Another reason exactly why he parted along with it might-have-been jealousy of their girlfriend in those days? Some age later the paint was actually gotten by Glyptoteket.